Caregivers Solution was founded in 2014 by vibrant individuals that have committed their lives to provide the complete caregiving services to the society.

The founders embarked on a mission to spread awareness about caregiving and provide professional caregiving service to the society for more than a decade ago. Caregivers Solution is now taking the lead in preparing the caregiving frontline for a variety of caregiving services, assurance and family situations mainly in elderly care and nursing. Caregivers Solution is passionate to reach out to the national and global corporate world to affiliate and collaborate to expand further in the caregiving world. Our collaborated with government, health and elderly home and community in Malaysia and Asian (The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) & Elderly Caregiver global. 

Here at Caregivers Solution we do not hire random people

We carefully pick up good and passionate people, Train them in real world and then associate them in your care service. So that we are confident that all our clients are in safe hands, we also conduct training for existing and potential caregivers ranging from school leavers, single mothers, maid and semi-skilled individuals. The training modules are specifically developed to prepare the participants to become professional and trained caregivers. The training will be conducted physical workshops to enable the caregivers to be equipped with the comprehensive skills needed to be a professional caregiver and meet the industry requirements.

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People don't care how much you know, unless they know how much you care.

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